lunedì 1 ottobre 2012


Every night, all over the world, hundreds of people see sto qua in their dreams. If sto qua appears in your dreams too, or if you have any information that can help us identify him, please contact us:

I never see sto qua in my dream. But it must be said that he is really gigantic and scary that I feel little every time I see him.
(Arcomanio, Catanzaro, Italy)

Sto qua tiptoes to my room every night. Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of sto qua. In dreams, I walk with sto qua. In dreams, I talk to sto qua. In dreams, sto qua is mine.
(Gudrun Ouallalla, Oslo, Netherlands)

One, two, sto qua's coming for you... :-D
(Arkancelo, Budapest, Turkey)

If you ever hear this song call immediately STO-QUA-666.
(Michel Mières, Montcuq, France)

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