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Being pretentious will not help you nor this movie

Di tanto in tanto a Sten viene contestata dalle multinazionali la libertà di esprimersi rubando, come già narrato in questo post trasudante rabbia civile. Mi aspettavo una valanga di mail di solidarietà, catene di sant'Antonio e dichiarazioni ai vertici, e invece niente. Mi limito a constatare l'inerzia della blogosfera e il crollo della civiltà e sposto i filmati incriminati su piattaforme meno controllate dal potere. Quindi cancello la sequenza regolarmente rapinata da Stentube, onde evitare la chiusura del canale e il conseguente tumulto delle masse.
Ma l'eliminazione delle immagini semoventi nonché legittimamente trafugate con scasso comporta anche la scomparsa dei commenti. Nell'ultimo caso (un filmato usato per questo post, che ha fatto ruggire il leone e che riproduco nuovamente in fondo) sarebbe un peccato, ammettilo.
N.B.: Intitolato "Heaven's Gate — Best scene in cinema history" (e bum ce lo metto io), il filmato vantava 34.087 visualizzazioni. Nulla in questo mondo, tutto nell'altro.

  • Well it sure is pretty, but what the fuck does this whole scene accomplish?

  • i like this scene, bit of the film , this music

  • "Heaven's Gate" is a fascinating film to watch...for all the wrong reasons. Visually stunning, great period detail, but incredibly slow-moving and characters it's impossible to care about. You keep waiting for something to happen and it doesn't. It's obvious Cimino got caught up in his own importance (and drug use, as alleged in the book "Hollywood Hall Of Shame"). Is it worth seeing? Yes, but be prepared.

  • This makes Waterworld look like a real masterpiece! haha

  • This movie is so dusty they should have passed out gas masks with the ticket.

  • This should have been the beginning of the movie!!! It hooks the audience right in!!

  • I read all reviews on this movie and watched it with open eyes. AND I have to say I totally enjoyed it. This scene and when they all skated together was excellent in my book. But to each there own tastes, some like it, some not, your choice.

    Thumbs up !!


  • i haven't seen the deer hunter in awhile but didn't the wedding scene at the beginning take up about an hour of people just celebrating? so what's the difference?

  • Cimino was a talentless hack.

  • Worst movie of all time and this is the worst scene in the movie by the worst director of all time.

    Minus 10 billion out of ten.

  • A sick, evil crapfest which rightly flopped.

  • the coolest!!!!!!!!

  • wtf IS this? o.0

  • I found out how Cimino was able to make such a flop after making such a great movie (deer hunter). Deer hunter had 4 writers of the story and 1 writer of the screenplay, which gave it a total of 5 writers! this film had one... and that was Cimino...

  • I don't know whether I hate cimino or admire him, this was a incredible scene, so intricate so complex and expertly well shot, you could have been back in the day. Only problem with it is that its pointless and in a pointless film, also it cost a fortune to film and moths of practicing on roller skates for the actor who hated it. If only Ciminio had stuck to making movies about events we actually care about, he could have made a great civil war film..

  • I do believe they showed the 5 hour 30 in version in Chicago a few years back. I have never seen it ever since I saw Siskel and Ebert's review.

  • great film.


  • how many hors to shoot the skating scene?? try a week ! also .. the song "crowley 2- step ".. an old "cajun "standard .. became unrecognizable...i played accordion on it .. but someone replacede it with "norton buffalos; harmonica !! hello !!

  • i was in this movie .. and watching it was "BORING " and being in kalipell motana for 3 months was 'BORING .. I PLAYED accordion in the band .. but when i heard the musi c later .. someone replaced it with a "harmonica !!

  • I saw a couple of shots of you. Is it true that Cimino would select the extras for big scenes on the set, on the day of shooting? Also, how many hours would you say you were there filming in the dance hall?

  • I really want to see this movie

  • Unfortunately, the only version possible to see is the director's cut, which runs eleven minutes short of four hours.

    There is a five and a half hour cut screened to critics and studio execs that has never been released. Nor has the 2 hour 29 min version trimmed for its 1980 re-release.

  • mr. cirmino never quite mastered "economy in storytelling"..........and this is the re-edited version. the original nearly 4 hour version was deadly. as they say in the movies "nobody's perfect."

  • You can barely hear what others are saying- such as what Jeff Bridges says before Kristofferson falls outside the door.

    Cimino also never quite mastered something called "Sound mixing" or "Sound editing".....

  • 9 minutes, two songs, lots of skating and dancing to hear "I'm asking you to leave, Ella."

    It's inexplicable.

    Michael Cimino is the Thomas Wolfe of film. You can do the same thing in 60 seconds but that just means the audience gets to go home sooner. If you want a film that's a summary then Cimino is not for you. If you don't get his obsession with romanticizing community spirit then he will just seem needlessly verbose. I saw this in a theater in L.A. and we had an intermission. Remember those?

  • I agree. On a visual level, the film is beautifully shot, choreographed, etc. The story is based on historical events, and Cimino had an all-star cast.

    It's just that the film is more about the visuals than the actual story, we don't get into the heads of the characters, Cimino spent-wasted too much money, etc.

    John Hurt is an excellent actor, but I was disappointed that his character was not fleshed out. He does well in the graduation scenes, but he's relegated to the backdrop later on.

  • Just Love this movie .,..and this particular scene from it... .

    Thanx for posting

  • I've seen better scenes Today. The beginning is good but the editing was suprisingly poor. And a word of advice: Being pretentious will not help you nor this movie.

  • A full-scale replica of a frontier Western town was built to director Michael Cimino's exact specifications. He decided that the street was six feet too narrow and ordered the entire town destroyed and rebuilt, at an exorbitant cost.

    Cimino's first cut ran more than five hours. One of the studio executives who saw it said he felt like he needed a blood transfusion after sitting in the theater for that long.

    Heaven's Gate is a fascinating example of disastrous directorial hubris and excess.

  • You can spend all the money you want,if the film has a compelling narrative,understandable dialouge,interesting characters,clear visuals etc,etc.Also,this movie has THE most boring,thought numbing opening ever.Hurt's speech....well hurts.When the movie's audience is laughing,while the REAL audience is silently perplexed?You got problems.Also kristoferson should not have been giving the lead,as a lead he has no charisma.He mumbles and acts as if he's being told lines off screen.HORRIBLE FILM

  • I love that scene, I love the whole movie. But I agree - it's no easy stuff. It's a masterpiece.

  • Watching this movie is about as much fun as reading the whole contents of Encyclopaedia Britannica from A to Z in one seating.

  • This might just be THE most boring film i have ever seen.

  • I think this is one of the scenes that ultimately destroyed the movie.I was utterly pointless in fact is was a remake of the boring scenes in Deer hunter...anyway the pre -production time 6 weeks and the number of takes spent on this scene is what started the avalanche of cost over runs.There were more to follow.

  • This movie is fake there are roller skates.

  • could someone PM me a rapidshare link for the soundtrack?

  • as a german I must say: wunderbar! just,wunderbar..

  • A wonderful, powerful, sad and lasting timeless epic that was wasted on the pen pushers and moguls. Brilliant!!!!!!!

  • David Mansfield is brilliant!

  • Great cajun tune ( Mamou Two-Step) ... in........ Wyoming ... Thanks a lot Doug !

  • Superb Movie :)

  • I think when micheal jordan was grabbed at the golf course in space jam was the best scene ever.

  • The best scene in the history of cinema includes a group of hicks (set in the 1800's or early 1900's) dancing on rollerskates? Hmm, not sure I agree with that assessment. Title is a bit misleading.

  • Elitist bastard that you obviously are. You sound like Frank Canton (Stan Waterston's character in this movie)'s kind of people to me--snob Republicans!

  • "Misleading"? What you disagree with is therefore misleading?

    The history of this planet has largely been written by hicks, and not many of THEM could dance on roller skates. Moreover, I'm surrounded by lovely hicks on the Asian mountainside where I sought refuge after being rejected for several decades by American elitists who were too focused on profit margins to maintain the standards of English that had helped provide the country that put them where they were.

  • You made no effort to explain why this scene was the greatest scene in the history of cinema.

  • That's right. Surely I'm under no obligation to have made such an effort, or even to believe its premise.

  • @mahadragon Well, there's no accounting for taste, but I would vote it as one of the best.

  • @deaddoc Why is this scene one of the best?

  • It's clear Cimino wanted to push the Russian-Wedding thing of the Dear Hunter to next level and cram into Heaven's Gate as much "grandscale" as possible. Only thing, he forgot to fill the scenes with meaning. Had he filmed ants doing the rounds in a kitchen the result would be just as captivating.

  • Um, bullsh#t, ribogok.

  • That's what I'm saying, too.

  • What a Westernmovie!

  • Ich pfeif das lied seit 20 jahren und endlich gefunden woher, beste melodie ever danke dir bruderherz

  • To me this is the best Western of all times... Just Great....

  • C'est vrai que cette scène est magique. La plus belle du film, certainement.


  • I've been reading a lot about this movie. I found out about it via a Waterworld wikipidia of all things. I'm really intrigued, sounds like a very misunderstood film.

  • It is. It has flaws, and Cimino was reckless with time and money, but it is a unique and memorable film with great scenes and characters. Highly recommended.

  • It's called The Heaven's Gate Waltz - I need time to check out the origins but all the music was written by that guy you see playing the fiddle, I forget his name. If you notice the different pieces, the notes are all the same, just changes to tempo and switching from a major to minor key and back

  • I believe the composer, the guy with the fiddle, is named David Mansfield. I'll have to double check- and will correct myself if I'm wrong- but I think that's his name.

  • Yeah the roller skating violinist with the unibrow is indeed composer David Mansfield. Damn this is a great movie.

  • Right,so this lot are toiling thru muck and filth to scrape a living in the wilderness,havent a dime to their name-but can all afford...rollerskates????????I­t is a technically good scene but offers no dramatic purpose or point to the film at all.

  • you need to see more movies. This scene is nowhere near the best.

  • That is my favourite scenerie I like the song starting at 5:35... Does anybody happen to know what's it name is...??? Great Music, Great movie I love it...

  • I saw much to like in this movie, "Heaven's Gate" and the music has been among my favorite soundtracks. But the scene of the roller skating rink with Doug Kershaw's music was one of my favorite scenes of all time; I'm so glad for this clip -- I was never bored by it. Sorry if others were. I'm so happy to see it! Thank you!

  • OK. This scene is a technical and visual triumph because it is certainly well done.

    ...But it is still boring. Nothing happens with the story. 9 whole minutes watching people rollerskating is boring.

    Where are the tears and the laughs? where are the emotions and the feelings? Where are the suspense and the action?

    Ciminos "masterpiece" is a poor film with weak story.

    Want to see a true masterpiece? Watch "The Godfather II", the scene where Vito Corleone commits his first murder.

  • Perhaps it wasnt meant to entertain you,but to bring the true atmosphere...

    Godfather 2 is a great movie,but its certanly not the best,and its NOT a piece of art ;)

  • Well, first of all please sorry about my ludicrous english (I'm from another country). Of course that's not the "best scene ever", just a way to bring people here. Let's call it an experiment. To put a sequence on the net and to call it that way: and over 100 sequences published, it's the most viewed.

    Apart that joke, there is no "best scene", of course. Personally, I prefer this one than 8 1/2's dream. But "Chinatown" is a good match. Anyway, we're just kiddng: I'm only uploading for my blog.

  • The best scene ever? How many films have you seen? I can think of hundreds of scenes better then this. Sure its well filmed but thats it. I would suggest you watch a scene like v=jmEqBdde5H0 or v=HuAZGFYW6DE, among many others.

  • I would prefer Heaven's Gate even if the 8 1/2 is quite eerie and beautiful and Chinatown is intricate and well played but the size and moment of the period rollerskating dance is one of the stand-out moments of Cimino's flawed masterpiece. Perhaps the opening to Aguirre would rival it, and the great canvases of Akira Kurosawa but it needs to come from the moment and while the others are well-staged, stylized examples they don't have the same impact. The difference is how they're constructed.

  • Great movie - and what a cast! Kristofferson, Walken, Huppert, Bridges, J. Hurt, S. Waterston, Dourif, J. Cotten and even Mickey Rourke. And I guess the only film where Willem Dafoe´s scenes have been removed during editing. Unbelievable that it won the Golden Raspberry for Worst Director (!) and was nominates for Worst Picture (!!), Worst Screenplay, Worst Musical Score (!!!) and Worst Actor (Kris Kristofferson) .

  • I say the original film in 70mm and have never forgotten it. Fantastic.

  • This is a great scene!!! In Roger (Dumb F**k) Ebert's 1981 review of the film he hated this scene. I always thought this movie was a masterpiece.

  • I love this brilliant piece of cinematography due to the fact that it has somehow enlightened us to the thrill and excitement that such throngs must have felt and experienced in a short rush, fueled by great musicians, in those days. From a camera mans point of view it must have been an absolute nightmare to film. Heaven's Gate had been a box office flop but it stands up there, in my opinion with the Shawshank Redemption as a classic masterpiece of modern American cinema

  • This is ridiculously well filmed.

  • 5 and a half hour version FTW

  • Xanadu circa 1890 LOL

    Did they even have roller skates then??

  • I also loved this movie no matter what anybody else thinks...Beautiful music...Get the Soundtrack for more

  • Where can I find the soundtrack?

  • Noto con piacere che esiste una categoria di Folgorati dalla bellezza di questa scena, io l'avro vista' almeno 200 volte, mi mette felicita'!

  • one of the best movies ever in my opinion.

    Im very happy that i got the 210 min cut of the movie

  • the greatest achievment in cinema history

  • I couldn't agree with you more. This movie stalked my thoughts like no other. It is the black sheep that can truly turn its nose up to the OSCARS!!!

  • Lucky bastard!

  • faranno tutti una brutta fine,per colpa dei maledetti wasps

  • do the songs have a name?

  • The songs here are Mamou Two-Step & Heaven's Gate Waltz

  • Maybe not my favourite, but the most beautiful movie I ever saw

  • Agreed! Best scene in cinema!

  • god i love this

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